Repair/Service Manuals **NEW**

There is a series of service documentation covering the DeLorean that is remarkably complete considering the short run of the car, and the fact that it was a new car company. This documentation has been updated by DeLorean Motor Company over the years, correcting errors & omissions, adding new parts. This is a discussion of the contents of the various manuals. 
These manuals are available as a Complete Manual Set PN K4001010. We recommend that any owner doing their own maintenance and repairs own this complete set. ALL are freshly printed reproductions of the complete manuals with the aforementioned updates where appropriate. They are provided with loose-leaf binders, and color-coded divider tabs. 
Workshop Manual P3113096 - This is the primary factory service manual directed at DeLorean Dealer service technicians. This provides complete rebuild instructions on major systems including engine and transmissions. There are troubleshooting information/flow charts on many systems such as the Automatic Transmission and Fuel System operations. 
Parts Identification Manual P1105010 - This is essentially a printed version of the DeLorean Motor Company online parts store. Quite a bit handier than dragging your computer out to the garage, and great for making notes as you go along. Page-size exploded views of all parts of the car, including newly introduced parts like the 107000 Fuel Module106939 Power Steering and parts that were never documented in the Parts Manual like the K100298 Roof Support
Service and Tech Bulletins P2107010 - This is a collection of all Factory Service Bulletins, Recalls, Revised Service Procedures, Parts Supersessions, and company memos to dealers on various topics. Some of this information would have been included in a second version of the workshop manual but it was never published. In addition to this, over the years DeLorean Motor Company (Texas) has issued new Service Bulletins which are also included in this version.
Technical Information Manual P2106050 - This was the original factory Training Manual that was used by factory representatives training dealer technicians on servicing the DeLorean. Much of the information is a duplicate of information in the Workshop Manual, but there is some unique "Theory of Operation" information, and it is more in the form of a training manual than a service manual. A good primer on the systems of the car for those unfamiliar with them.
Owners Manual P2205011 and Valet Case P2105010  This is the "glove box manual", covering basic operation controls and maintenance items (nothing more complex than changing a tire). The Owners Manual is a reproduction of the factory 1982 and 1983 manuals.  There is no informational difference from the 1981 manual, just a slightly different format. The Valet Case is a reproduction of the vinyl case that came with the 1981 cars. 
Wiring Diagram P6100330 This is a completely re-drawn full color 24" x 36" version of the schematic diagram for the entire car. There is a wiring diagram included in the workshop manual, but in the 8-1/2 x 11 black-line form in the manual it is barely readable. All wiring is color-coded to the actual wire colors in the car. This version adds connector details for all the bulkhead and instrument cluster connectors, fuse box diagram, and very useful parts locator key. Suitable for framing, recommended on any workshop wall. 
Updated by James Espey, 5/17/23