Struts for doors, louvre and luggage compartment

The DeLorean car uses six gas struts (sometimes called gas springs) to hold the rear sunshade (sometimes called louvre), front luggage compartment, and doors in the open position.
Doors that don't open fully, or are slow to open completely often only need new struts. Generally speaking, door struts P/N 100592,  have a lifespan of about three years, and their ability to open or hold a door up will slowly decrease over these three years. They are easily replaced, though a helper is recommended for safety. Always install with the body (the thicker section) mounted on the door and the shaft (the thinner section) mounted to the body.
A rear sunshade that won't stay in the "up" position is often the result of weak louvre struts P/N 108209. Weak struts can allow the sunshade to crash down and break or crack, typically along the center spine. Sunshade repair or replacement will far exceed the cost of the replacement struts, so never hesitate to replace them when they weaken - these, too, are easily replaced with a helper. If your sunshade/louvre already has a crack or break at the center spine, we strongly recommend that you install the Louvre Reinforcement Bracket P/N A1000021

When the luggage compartment lid comes crashing down when you are getting items in or out of the trunk, it's time to replace these struts too. Even worse, if you lift the luggage compartment lid to re-fuel (whether you have a gas flap hood or not) and it falls or the wind knocks it, the damage from when it hits the fuel filler nozzle will make you wish you had replaced them. Like the others, the luggage compartment struts P/N 105063 are inexpensive and easy to replace.
NOTE The replacement Luggage Compartment and Louvre struts may use a different method of attachment than the struts on your car. This is a normal production variation.
Written by James Espey, DeLorean Motor Company (Texas)
Revised DAS 6/30/2016 [added bracket note]