Windshield Wiper and Turn Signal Switch

The two control stalks on the steering column that operate the high/low headlight beam, horn, turn signals, windshield wipers, and windshield washer are part of the DI and Wiper Switch P/N 100952 that mounts around the steering column.  It is variously called the combination switch, the dip beam switch, or the directional/wiper switch.
The left hand stalk signals and cancels turn indications when moved up or down. It honks the horn if pushed in toward the column. It flashes the high beams if pulled toward the driver, whether the headlights are on or off. It fully activates the high beams when pushed away from the driver when the headlights are on.
The right hand stalk selects between fast and slow wiper operation if moved upward; if moved down briefly, the wipers will cycle once. If moved down and held for a few seconds the intermittent wipe function activates. This mode is cancelled by pushing the stalk up and down once.
Pushing this stalk toward the center of the wheel, activates the washer pump motor and squirts windshield washer fluid through the nozzle on the windshield for as long as the stalk is pressed.  The wipers then cycle two times automatically. 
If one of the stalks is broken or ceases to function, the only fix is to remove the steering wheel and cover and replace the whole unit.
Written by Warren Wallingford, DeLorean Motor Company (Texas)
Revised 7/5/2016 DAS [rewritten, added details]