Power Window Switches

The window lift switches  PN 101177 in the center console of the DeLorean are simple, spring loaded, SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) rocker switches. The switches are identical, left and right, which makes swapping them from side to side a good diagnostic tool.
The supply of original spares ran out some years ago and DMC have had reproductions made. These switches are identical in appearance and operation once they are installed. The action is a little more positive but the bottom of the switch, the part that fits into the hole in the console cover, is deeper. If the harness gets in the way or the console cover is bent from years of elbows resting on it, causing it to be too near the body, the switch will not seat in the hole. When installing a new window switch, you must ensure that there is enough room for the longer switch body. Dress the harness away from the hole and, if needs be, increase the distance between the cover and body by spacing it out with a block of wood.
To install a spacer, remove the ash tray. Fabricate a 1 inch tall block of wood from a common 2x2 piece of lumber and insert it between the underbody and the console structure. You can glue it to the underbody if you like. 
The switches are also available fitted with an LED (101177A) to eliminate the heat and electrical draw of the incandescent bulbs. Each switch is provided with a jumper strap that fits over two of the terminals and, when the switch is plugged in, furnishes power to a light just below the rocker cap, illuminating the arrows.
Written by Warren Wallingford with edits by James Espey, DeLorean Motor Company (Texas)
Revised 1/13/2022 ET edits and links