DeLorean driveshafts

On the DeLorean (whether it be a manual or an automatic transmission) there are two driveshafts. These are also referred to as Drive Axles or Half-Shafts. On each driveshaft there is a constant velocity (CV) joint at either end. The driveshafts are not available as complete parts, they are generally repaired as needed. The driveshafts are the same for both manual and automatic DeLoreans.

Protecting those joints are axle boots PN 100119, which can dry-rot or split. Rocks or other road debris can also damage or tear them. When they tear, the grease that is used to lubricate the CV joints will escape or will get contaminated by water, sand or dirt. This will cause accelerated wear of the CV joints.

The axle boots themselves are a service item. Remove the six bolts attaching each end of the driveshaft. Remove the cover plate on the end of the driveshaft. Once you remove the cover plate, in the center of the CV joints there is a snap ring. Carefully remove the snap ring and then you can remove the CV joint from the axle and then you can remove the boot.
If you decide to disassemble the CV joints to clean and re-pack the lube, be sure to correctly assemble the inner and outer cages or the joints will lock. If you install the CV joint on the axle upside down, you will not be able to get the snap ring back in place.
We'll add some photos detailing these issues as time permits.

Installation is the reversal of the above procedure; clean the CV joints, apply the new grease that is supplied with the boot, assemble the joint, and reinstall on the car. 
We generally recommend replacing all four boots at the same time as they have all been subject to the same wear, time, and mileage.
Written by Warren Wallingford with edits by James Espey, DeLorean Motor Company (Texas)
Revised DAS 8/4/2016 minor details. Still need photos.