New factory designed inner door seals!

Here's a story you don't see everyday - as you may may not know, DeLorean Motor Company has a complete set of factory engineering drawings for every part of the car. Well, a year or so ago, while going through drawings, we found a revised version of the inner door seal that was scheduled to go into production in early 1982. As you probably know, that's when things got tough financially for the original DMC, so this part never got past the sample/test stage.
In addition to the drawing, we also have a copy of the factory "Engineering Change Authority" or ECA that defined this part and released it for production.
Notice the reason for change "To improve fitting and sealing and also eliminate damage when closing door". We were encouraged enough to take the accompanying drawings and tool up to make this factory designed, revised part. Over the next six months we tested sample on various company and employee cars here and were suitably impressed.
We're very pleased to announce the availability of the new factory designed inner door seals ONLY from DeLorean Motor Company and our authorized dealers!