Interior Colors, Carpets and Parts

Interior Colors and Parts
The original DeLorean came with the option of either black or gray interiors. The color of a DeLorean interior is determined by the color of the dash, seats and console, all of which should be the same. The earliest known cars with a gray interiors are VIN's 2436 - 2441, though volume production of gray interior cars did not start until VIN 2973.
Typical black interior car
Carpet swatch for these cars - 
Typical gray interior car
Carpet swatch for these cars

Cars up to VIN 10579 with black seats and dashes SHOULD have darker gray carpet, while cars before VIN 10579 with gray seats and dashes SHOULD have lighter gray carpet, as shown above.
All cars from VIN 10579 should have a smoother texture, lighter gray carpet regardless of whether or not the seats/dash is gray or black. Some people will refer to a later black interior car like this as a "two-tone" interior, and this is technically incorrect. Further confusing things, due to the shenanigans that Consolidated International did with the VIN's on the unsold cars from the factory, any black interior cars with VIN's between 15000 and 15578 will have the earlier style black carpets as shown above. A further exception to this is the Middle East cars, with the VIN range 11741 to 11789, which will have the earlier style carpets.
Typical late 1982/1983 DeLorean with black interior and light gray carpets.
Carpet swatch for these later cars, with either black or gray interiors.

DMC and its dealers offer an aftermarket-designed two-tone seat leather, in grey and black with perforated gray areas, as well as OE style aftermarket Gray Seat Leather and Black Seat Leather kits.
At this point in time there are many individual carpet sections that are no longer available. The Carpet Sections page shows which pieces are still available. DMC and its dealers offer complete reproduction carpet sets in the standard light grey, dark gray, and an assortment of custom colors. You want blue carpeting? We can do that! 
Due to color fading over the years, complete replacement is often the best option to freshen up an interior, and the colors will all match.
The factory planned for other interior colors, including tan, burgundy and blue. One car each in the burgundy and blue interior colors were produced for evaluation and later sold when the original DMC factory closed in 1982. An incomplete set of burgundy interior parts marked as "sample" exist in the collection of The DeLorean Museum
The tan interior is the only one confirmed to have been used in a car intended for retail sale, and then only on one of the gold-plated American Express cars. The spare set of tan interior pieces was also used with the spare set of gold panels on the DeLorean built up in the States from a training chassis raffled off by Consolidated International in 1983. 
This downloadable interior components identification chart is designed to aid in identifying all the pieces of interior trim.
 Written by James Espey, DeLorean Motor Company (Texas)
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