Complete list of dealer options

The DeLorean, as it came from the factory, was offered with only two options - gray or black interior and manual or automatic transmission. The following items were designed by the DeLorean Motor Company to be supplied to dealers for sale/installation in cars either prior to, or after, retail sale.
 Side stripes
 Two vinyl stripe packages were offered - the wide black stripe (with screen printed DMC logo just behind the front wheelwell) applied just below the body side molding, and the thin grey accent stripe (with DMC logo just under the side vent) applied just below the beltline of the car. Both were supplied to DMC by the 3M Corporation, no more NOS parts remain. Reproductions of varying quality/accuracy can typically be found on eBay.

 Luggage Rack
 Made from tubular steel and painted in black enamel, the luggage rack is probably one of the most under-rated of all DeLorean accessories. Stores flat in the trunk when not in use, with virtually invisible mounting points. When in use and fully loaded, rear visibility is not impaired at all. While marketed as a luggage rack, interviews with DMC employees from the era indicate that it's purpose was more a "flat rear tire carrier". The spare wheel well in the luggage compartment can hold a flat front wheel/tire but not a rear. If your luggage compartment is otherwise loaded and you have a passenger, the problem then becomes what you do with a flat rear tire. The luggage rack neatly answers this question by being a place to stow the flat rear tire. Factory records indicate that perhaps a thousand or so of these were made.
 Ski Adapter
 Designed to be used in conjunction with the luggage rack, the ski rack can carry two sets of skis and poles without interfering with door operation. The padded racks are also lockable for security. Factory records indicate that perhaps no more than a hundred or so of these were made. No more NOS parts exist, and these are most typically found on eBay.
 Fitted Car Cover
 Original car covers were a lightweight 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend that was tan in cover and came with a "DeLorean" imprinted storage bag. DMC (Texas) now sells a more modern material cover, with embroidered storage bag.
Floor Mats
 Original floor mats came only in black with the small white DMC logo in the corners.
Later, aftermarket versions were available in many styles and often also in grey. DMC (Texas) now sells modern exact fit floor mats with the DMC logo in either original black with white logo or popular grey with black logo
Another option reportedly available, but rarely seen, were fitted sheepskin seatcovers.
Written by James Espey, DeLorean Motor Company (Texas)