Tilt and Telescopic steering column

Many new owners are surprised to learn that the DeLorean automobile came with a tilt/telescopic steering column as standard equipment. However, the adjustment knob is hidden very well and though it's location and instructions for use are explained in the Owner's Handbook, many cars no longer have the manual in the glovebox so it remains a mystery.
Unlike most cars using a stalk on the side of the steering column or a small handle on the bottom of the steering column, the DeLorean has a small adjustment knob which, when loosened, allows free movement of the column both up and down (tilt) as well as in and out (telescopic).  Once the desired position is achieved, simply tighten the knob again securely - you don't want it to move around while you are driving!
This knob is located just behind the small kneepad to the right of the steering column. Feel around under there until you touch the knurled knob as shown in the photo below - that's it! Between this adjustment, and that of the seat (fore/aft and rake), nearly anyone can find a safe and comfortable seating position.
If you find that no matter how much you tighten the knob, the column still droops down over time, it may be that the adjustment mechanism is stripped.Replacing the steering column neck will fix this.
Written by James Espey, DeLorean Motor Company (Texas)
Revised DAS 6/23/2016 [formatting]