Fuel Pump Harness (OEM Style)

The Fuel Pump Harness, P/N 106740, is the two-wire connector between the car wiring and the pump itself.  It has a two-pin plug on one end and two eyelets on the end that connects to the pump. 
NOTE: This part is not used on the Upgraded Fuel Pump P/N 107000 although the connection issue at the car-end of the wiring still applies.
One of these terminal eyelets is 4mm diameter, the other is 5mm diameter. This keeps the installer from connecting the fuel pump in reverse.  One wire is white with a purple tracer, the other is black with a purple tracer.  The most common problem is that the pins get a little loose or corroded in the plug and make intermittent connection rather than constant.  If you are attempting to resolve a periodic interruption of pump operation that doesn't seem to have any source, check that connection.  It is located about six inches [or less] from the pump access opening under the body toward the front of the car.
ALSO be sure to check the fuel pump fuse #7 in the electrical compartment behind the passenger seat, inside the car. It is common for that fuse to overheat and melt due to corrosion issues.
Written by Warren Wallingford, DeLorean Motor Company (Texas)
Revised DAS 6/22/2016 [minor edits/links/new pump link]