Wiring Diagrams

The original DeLorean Motor Company created a fairly complete wiring diagram, but many reproductions over the years have been hard to read. Some have been re-created with good intentions but have introduced mistakes.
As changes - either temporary substitutions or permanent supersessions - were made during production, the wiring diagram was not always updated.
DMC (Texas) has compiled a Wiring Diagram P/N P6100330 for the car that covers known changes, and includes details about the relay compartment, fuse box, instrument cluster wiring, engine bay bulkhead connectors and complete legend cross-referenced with part numbers, locations and descriptions.
Printed in full color on poster-sized 24" x 36" glossy paper, it rolls up nicely in the car or is attractive enough to be easily framed for use in the garage.
Revised DAS 7/5/2016 [format]