Paint codes for fascias - UPDATED

As there were no paint facilities at the factory, the front and rear fascias were delivered to the factory from the supplier painted and ready to install.
DMC (Texas) sells reproduction fiberglass front fascia P/N 110122A as originals are no longer available. The fiberglass front fascias require a bit of fitting and then painting to complete the installation. 
New old stock rear fascias are still available, but due to improper storage over the last 30+ years, all have some form of damage to the paint finish and repainting may be required. Fiberglass reproductions should be ready sometime in mid-late 2022.
Achieving a match for the factory color and sheen has proven difficult over the years. While the factory published paint codes for the fascias, they are now out of date. The paint codes that DMC (Texas) uses are in this PDF file and are a good match for the original factory specifications.
CAUTION: If you decide to use these codes, be sure to have a test piece done prior to painting the entire fascia. We've seen variations in the interpretations of the codes that are completely wrong. It's usually very effective to have your body shop use the area of the rear fascia that is behind the license plate as a color reference, as it has not been exposed to sunlight. 
It is important to note that there were two distinct paint finishes used during production. "Early" cars (typically with gas flap hoods, and prior to about VIN 2500) have a high gloss finish, where the later cars have a matte finish. 
The black section of the OEM fascia is not painted at all. The black color is the bare urethane. This area can often be brought back to like-new with some effort using very fine (up to 2000 grit) sandpaper and polishing compound. If the urethane is "too far gone" or has to be repaired, we've found that a universal bumper/trim black such as "SEM Trim Black 39143" is an effective solution, although not quite as durable as the bare urethane. On the replacement fiberglass fascia, painting the black areas is mandatory. 
Written by James Espey, DeLorean Motor Company (Texas)
Revised 6/23/2016 DAS [added details, black color]
Revised 806/2022 JVE [updated paint codes and notes on rear fascia]