History on a specific DeLorean Car

At one time, before the DeLorean factory closed, the factory undoubtedly had a "Master Record" of all the cars that had been manufactured with all the details they felt important to keep - VIN, engine and transmission serial numbers, key codes, and start/finish assembly dates.
Over the past 30+ years since the factory closed, only limited records have been discovered. When DMC (Texas) acquired the remaining parts that came from the factory and US-based warranty parts centers, various documents were discovered that contained some of this information.
All of these documents are held in trust by The DeLorean Museum, a non-profit corporation, and they have sorted, arranged and cross-referenced this data and other data they have acquired from former DMC employees and others into a database encompassing more than 6,000 or so of the 9,000+ cars produced.
To see what data is available for your DeLorean, visit the Museum website and enter the last FIVE digits of your VIN. You will then see a list of what information they have on the car, including in some cases details on the original owner. This can be in the form of an Original Owner Certificate, or reproductions of the Original Window Sticker or Warranty Card.